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No Need for Speech

I wonder, with each new technological advancement, are we diminishing our need for speech?

This is a question that I’ve been pondering over for quite a while. The question first entered my mind as I was waiting for the doors of my psychology class to open. Around one hundred people stand around these doors waiting for them to open, and you would think that one hundred people would be loud. Instead, you could hear a pin drop. Everybody is either texting, facebooking, or listening to music on their iPods. I could not believe it. I could literally hear the clicking of the buttons on people’s cell phones. I could hear the vast array of music coming from various ear buds, heavy metal, choir music, and a little bit of Lady Gaga and Kesha…of course. I could even hear the breathing patterns of people standing close to me. Nobody was talking. A group of one hundred people should not be silent!

Another phenomenon that I’ve recently noticed is close range texting. This involves people who are sitting right next to each other, but instead of talking to each other, they choose rather to text each other. Am I the only one that finds this disturbing? What does this say about our society? Will every new technological advancement have to do with eliminating physical speech? Are phone company workers sitting around oval tables wondering what other ways people can communicate with one another without actually using their voices? Pretty soon will be texting be old fashioned, and some new and more complicated method take its place as our new communication fad?

I’ll admit, sometimes I would prefer to text people instead of actually lift the phone to my ear and open my mouth. Sometimes it’s just easier to ask a simple question through a text. It’s not that I hate texting or facebooking; I’m just scared of what they’re doing to society as a whole. If technology continues to go this way will we have no use for our mouths soon?  In one hundred years will our jaws seize up and cause tremendous problems for our eating habits? Maybe now would be the best time to get into massage therapy or chiropractic work…as our jaws will need a tremendous amount of work.


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Minor Rebellions

I never was a very rebellious teenager.

Sometimes though, I wish I would have been.

You see, I’ve become somewhat of a rebellious adult. I blame my angelic childhood for this. The lack of rebellion in my younger years has now led to a thirst for rebellion in my adult years. I’m not talking about major rebellion, like sneaking out of the house to do drugs. I’m talking about the smaller, more minor rebellions.

These are some of the minor rebellions that have begun to inhabit my life:

Instead of ordering two Pepsi’s at restaurants who offer free drink refills, my husband will order one and we will then share, saving ourselves $2.86, and showing the restaurant of choice that we will not be ripped off!

Sometimes I don’t tip. I have this belief that when service is bad, a tip is not deserved. Others believe that good people should tip whether the service was bad or good. Evidently, I am not good.

I give people sarcasm and attitude when they approach me the wrong way. I can’t help this fact, I really can’t. Personally, I think that I was born to give attitude laced with sarcasm. I’m really good at it! Of course, I try very hard to only bring this side of me out when someone yells at me, or says something that really irks me…these things happen often.  

I try my best not to give in to fads, such as certain clothing styles, even if I really love them. I do this because it’s a minor form of rebellion. I’m saying to everyone else who’s given in to those certain fads that I’m cooler than they are. What with my ugly running shoes instead of cute boots, and my baggy ripped-at-the-bottom jeans, instead of curve-popping skinny jeans. Yes, I am cooler. (If you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic there.) I actually love almost all fads; I just can’t bring my rebellious self to indulge in them. 

I sometimes paint my fingernails black just to show that I can. Considering, I would have never been allowed to do this when I was younger. Usually, I only bring out the black nail polish during stressful times in my life, as a way of not giving up…a way of sticking it to the man…whatever that means…

These are only a few. I could go on. But I will spare you of listing any more ridiculous minor rebellions.

Do you have any minor rebellions that you take pleasure from? Or were you so rebellious as a child that you are an angel now?

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A Single Red Martie

When you decide to eat something, do you ever stop to think about what it is exactly that you are about to put in your mouth?

Well, I was eating Smarties the other day and before I placed that first red Smartie on my tongue, I paused to first think about what that red Smartie was composed of.

I turned to the box for answers.

The first thing that I noticed was the sentence, “No artificial colours.” Really? No artificial colours? What makes the Smarties colourful then? This doesn’t make sense to me. So I flipped the box over to find out what else it said, and that’s when I noticed that it says, “Non-artificial colours are prepared from natural sources”. I began to wonder what ‘natural sources’ I was about to put into my mouth. I’m not going to lie, it kind of freaked me out.

I then went to the ingredients list, searching for these so-called natural sources. At first I thought that I would list the ingredients for you right here on my blog, but then I figured it would take me too long to reproduce letter for letter of every un-pronounceable word. So let me sum up my verdict after reading the ingredients list: confusion.

I didn’t know what three-quarters of those words meant, and yet here I was about to put that un-identifiable object in my mouth and in my body. Silly me for just thinking it was made of milk chocolate and a candy shell.

All that questioning over a single Smartie made me wonder what other un-identifiable foods I ate, and what kinds of ingredients and natural or non-natural sources I was putting in my body. Does food ever make you wonder about these things?

Maybe, I should have given the name Smarties a code word…like Marties, just in case some Smarties…oops, I mean Marties, representative/hit-man gets wind of my blog.

The conclusion of my S…Marties story is that I ate them anyways…you would have too.

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The Book Conspiracy

Lately I’ve had to read several books, twenty within three months to be precise, and I’ve come across something very peculiar.

Many times as I get to about the middle of a book, I’ll find this little paper stuck in the pages. It looks like a twist tie but it’s paper, and not bendy. If you look close enough it has little gray rectangles inserted in between the paper. Sometimes I find it stuck and pull it out, but other times it just falls out.

Now, there are two logical answers as to what this little paper could be.

One: These little pieces of paper are anti-theft preventers. This would make perfect sense considering the little metal rectangles within the paper. If someone were to try to steal a book, the metal would be detected and the perpetrator would be caught.

Two: They are the leftovers. While the book was being cut and assembled together, that sneaky little piece of paper became the leftover paper, maybe even a leftover part of the spine, and then got stuck in the book.

Of course, I’m not interested in the logical. I’m interested in conspiracy.

I can’t help but feel an eerie sense of foreboding when I catch them sneaking around in my books. They don’t belong there, and it just feels odd when one curiously falls into my lap. Each time I find one I pick it up and hold it against the light. I don’t know why I do this, or what exactly I’m even looking for, but I feel that something’s there. Something that needs to be explored. There could be secret messages encoded in little blocks of writing that to any un-suspecting person would look like metal rectangles. They could be little tracking devices, hidden by secret government agents. Why they would be tracking book worms…who knows. All I know for sure is that there is something very fishy about these little pieces of paper, and I need answers.

Look for them the next time you open a book. You might go your whole life without ever seeing one, but let me assure you, they are there, and they are waiting…

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The Mysteries of Spring

We get one nice day and all of a sudden people think it’s summer.

Fifty-three degree weather does not mean get out your tank tops and skimpy shorts. Nor does it mean get on your motorcycle wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. I cannot tell you how much these things bother me. Yesterday, I was walking around campus wearing my winter coat, thinking that it was still pretty chilly outside, and people (mainly girls) were walking past me in summer clothes. This makes me feel like a fool. I un-buttoned my winter jacket to blend in more, but to tell you the truth, I was still cold. How could this be? Girls were coming out of their dorms with the shortest shorts imaginable and tank tops, and they didn’t even look cold! Are these girls so adamant about showing off their bodies that they are able to trick their mind by telling it that it’s not cold? I don’t understand…I really don’t.

How can a man wearing shorts be warm while riding a motorcycle? Who would even want to wear shorts while riding a motorcycle? One fall and your leg skin is practically gone.

These, my friends, are the mysteries of spring, the same mysteries that I continually ponder over.

I remember the good old days of high school when a nice day appeared in winter and girls would come to school wearing shorts. I remember the looks that the guys gave them, and of course the looks that girls like me gave them. I remember the sound of a girl getting up from her seat after seventy-five minutes of sitting on a plastic chair…the sticky, my-skin-is-ripping-off sound. And of course I remember the red lines that these girls would display on their thighs after they had risen from their seats. I hated all of it. I wanted to boycott shorts, and so in a way I did.

I don’t normally wear shorts. In fact, last year even on the hottest day of summer I remember I wore pants. Even with the sweat pouring down my face it didn’t even cross my mind to go change. I just don’t feel comfortable in shorts…that would make me like all those other girls, and I like to be different. I also like to boycott things just for the sake of boycotting.

I guess deep down though, when I really think about it, I’m jealous of those girls. They have the natural ability to show off perfect legs, whereas many of us were not blessed with such perfectly sculpted legs, and so shorts do not flatter us. But, I don’t want to spend much time talking about this deep and hidden jealousy because it might make me angry, and who wants to start off the day angry? Not me, that’s for sure.

Basically, I started off this blog wanting to write about how much I dislike those shorts-wearing, and skin-showing girls, but my fingers got ahead of me and instead it became a rant. I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes.

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Where’s my Lion? And what’s up with Sandwich-Speech?

It’s crazy what a little good weather can do to a person.

As I walked around campus today, I noticed that the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and men were playing soccer. Immediately my mood improved. The sun makes people feel good and happy, and I was certainly feeling the sun. I heard that if you stand in front of a window with your eyes closed while the sun’s shining, you absorb the rays and you still get vitamin D. I tried this a couple of times in the winter, and I immediately felt better. Now I feel that this window-sun won’t be necessary anymore. I’ll actually be able to get sun…outside.

This is where I must confess something

Normally I don’t like the outdoors. You see, the outdoors remind of work (I work in lawn care), and who likes to work? But, this year’s different. I feel odd, as if I’ve been changed somehow, and the outdoors is calling my name like a siren song. Yes, I realize that this will be quite the news to my closer friends who up until now, have believed that my husband and I hate oxygen. I guess I’ll have to deal with it now, won’t I?

Usually being on campus makes me feel depressed, what with the constant note taking and walking by hundreds of people daily who don’t even look at you, let alone smile. But, I actually walked around smiling today. Spring’s coming, I just know it is.

Although here’s where a worry of mine comes in: spring never gets here so fast.

We’ve all heard the quote: “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb”, but where’s the lion? I haven’t seen it yet. What if it has yet to come? I mean I don’t want to worry you, but the lion is due to appear any time now. I’m predicting a snow storm. One that will hit fast and hard, but then melt the next day. Then spring can come. Up until this storm hits though, I’m going to feel cheated. I want my lion. The lamb can wait. I know that nobody’s with me on this, but that’s okay, I’m used to being alone when it comes to my positions.


On a side note: let me tell you a story about sandwiches.

I met a group of people today who really loved to use the word ‘sandwich’ in their speech. Well, okay, I didn’t meet them, technically, instead you could call it ease-dropping and spying…potato, patoto. Anyways, let me give you an example of their sandwich-speech.

“Hey, we’re going to get some sandwiches. Anybody want us to bring back some sandwiches? I’m not sure what kind of sandwiches they have at this sandwich shop, but I’ve had a sandwich there before and it was literally the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted…so sandwich anyone?”

Yeah, I’m not joking, or exaggerating. I now refer to this group of people as the sandwich-lovers…for obvious reasons.

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Ladybug Infestation

Ladybugs- ladybugs- everywhere.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that currently I have thirteen ladybugs lounging in my bedroom, and three trying to find escape in the bathroom. A few others have ventured out from the bedroom and bathroom, and have made their way into the kitchen. They’re the smart ones, you see, these few ladybugs know that they won’t last on water alone, they need food, I think. And so they’ve found the source of all food: the kitchen.

You can imagine my frustration, considering that I cannot kill bugs, not even spiders! So naturally, I watch my step when I enter the bathroom, making sure I don’t step on them, and basically just work around them. I listen to the loud noise of ladybug bodies hitting light fixtures and windows all night long. I do this because I’d rather work around these stupid insects than kill them. I did however flush a couple of them down the toilet the other day, thinking that they were dead. Turns out, they were just sleeping. Now I don’t even clean up the dead ones, because there really isn’t any sure way of telling if they’re dead or just sleeping.

My husband is usually the one who vacuums the house, and so I’ve decided to wait for him to take initiative on this huge undertaking of getting rid of the ladybugs. I won’t do it, I refuse to do it, get rid of the ladybugs I mean, not vacuum.  

My question is: how do they keep getting in? I would guess my bedroom window, since that’s where most of them stay, but how!? I’ve searched for openings, cracks, and holes…and every time I’m left bewildered at their presence. They’re little Houdini’s, every one of them.

They smell too, I bet you didn’t know that. When they feel threatened they emit this gas (only certain kinds of ladybugs do this), and stink up the room. Naturally, they do this for the better part of their days considering our cat just has a field day over their company.

I’ve thought about creating a contraption that catches ladybugs and gives them a nice home, with grass to eat and everything (assuming they eat grass of course), but that idea fell through fast, considering I’m lazy.

I used to like ladybugs, thinking that they were cute. Now, I can’t stand them…worrying constantly about stepping on one, or accidentally killing one when I thought it was dead! They’ve become my enemies, every one of them.

What kinds of insect infestations do you deal with?

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Eating Healthy

I’m trying to eat healthier, but what I’m finding thoroughly discourages me.

I find that the healthier I eat, the more I need to eat.

I’m sorry, but I’m not filled up by pears, carrots, and green beans. I need substance! I need fat! Is this too much to ask for?! I tired eating healthy the day before yesterday, and I was doing great all morning. Well….maybe not all morning. I started off with some kids’ cereal, or in other words sugar cereal. But after that I promise you I ate healthy! But, after lunch, things began to fall downhill. I was sooo hungry after only one hour after lunch. My only options were to buy a chocolate bar from the nearest vending machine, or stand in the theme-park-long line of Tim Horton’s. Well, I decided to not eat anything…just go hungry. And go hungry is what I did. I didn’t get a chance to eat until 8 that night. Yes, you read right…8 o’clock PM. So I persevered, but hungrily. And then when I got home all I wanted to eat, was well…everything. Anything I could get my hands on I did… that’s what healthy eating did to me.

The other thing that I’m finding is that for me to eat healthy I need to eat all day.

I need to have small healthy meals and a bunch of healthy snacks in between. I can’t spend my whole day eating, I really can’t. First of all, I don’t have the time to eat all the time. I sit in class writing notes, just wishing that the teacher would stop talking and let us go early so I can eat, but that never ever happens. I would eat during class but I find that very distracting. When someone is sitting in front of me eating something delicious like apple slices, I salivate…literally, so I don’t like to do that to other people. Second of all, I don’t have the energy to spend 3/4 of my day chewing. Do you know how hard it is to constantly chew? I don’t think you do.

This whole business of healthy eating just confuses me.

How do people have time for this major life commitment? How do people succeed in eating healthy? Am I missing something? Can you blog readers give me some advice?

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