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As I was driving home from Windsor the other day, a group of three four-wheelers were hogging one of the back-roads I take. They were driving in the middle of the road in a V formation and they were all wearing helmets, except for the leader of the pack who was wearing a ski-mask.

I slowed down, a little worried, considering they were coming straight for me, but thankfully they all moved out of the way. But the leader with the ski-mask turned his head slowly and let his eyes linger on me inside of the car. I stared back, defiantly of course, but on the inside I was completely creeped out. It was one of those looks you see in movies, where everything goes slow-motion and the background music starts to play with your mind… I can still picture the exact look he gave me, and how long he stared. In fact, I do believe I had a nightmare about it last night.

I drove away slowly, because my car is incapable of accelerating fast, and kept looking back at them in my rear-view mirror. I was thinking that they could have been robbers, waiting for a victim in a slow car. They would surround this victim, force her out of the car, and steal anything worth value. Good thing I have nothing of value inside my car, unless that is, you count my miniature umbrella. After a few seconds of driving they were gone and out of sight. Although, even though they were out of sight, I kept wondering why the ski-mask leader had looked at me like that. And throughout the next fifteen minutes of driving home, I came to a conclusion.

It’s simple, really. He was wearing a mask.

Yes the hat is called a ski-mask, but really it can qualify as being just a mask. It covers the entire face, all except for the eyes and mouth. And masks make people do weird things. They make people do things that they would not normally do. I’ve seen this happen first hand. Somebody who’s shy puts on a mask, and suddenly they’re dancing and doing weird hand motions; things that they would never do without the aid of the mask.

I once wore a ski-mask for work, when I worked in lawn care. It was November and snowing outside, but we still had piles of leaves to clean up. So here I was, bundled in a winter jacket, two pairs of socks, and gloves, and my trusty ski-mask. Of course with all that I was wearing, no one would know it was me. So to make my day just a little bit better, I jumped into a pile of leaves and relished in the moment. Of course the leaves were frostbitten and nowhere near soft, but lying in the pile of crusty leaves was still better than having to clean them up. We were working beside a busy road and the leaf pile I was lying in was right next to this road. Multiple people stared at me as they slowly drove by, and I stared back. It was as if the ski-mask had given me an alternate personality where it’s okay for me to jump in leaf piles, acting childish, and stare back at people. No one would recognize me and so there wouldn’t be any repercussions.

That is exactly why this man on his four-wheeler locked eyes with me; the mask had given him the ability to do so. Manners tell us not to creep someone out like that, but if your face is hidden, and no one knows who you are, why bother with manners?

If you don’t know the feeling of putting on a mask, and suddenly feeling like an alternate version of yourself, try it sometime and let me know how it goes. It’s quite the liberating experience.

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